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Hi there! My name is Sarah May and I'm a creative professional with a passion for solving problems. Most find me because of my podcast, Help Me Be Me or my blog for Hello Giggles. I call it self-help for people who hate self-help. I’ve made a lot of positive change in my life, which is how Yay With Me came about.


Everything that makes you feel stuck has a “why” behind it and once you understand it, the solutions become clear and accessible.

Learning how to change was the greatest gift I ever got. I want to give that gift to everyone.  I believe we suffer because of what we don't understand: what we see as our limits is really just a lack of understanding. 

Whatever you want in life, you can have it. If you're struggling, you're not broken– you just have to see what's blocking you from change.


A few caveats... Everything I share is a personal insight and not a diagnosis for treatment. I am not a licensed therapist or a certified coach; I'm a happy girl with a podcast, who happens to have lived through a lot of hard stuff. What you get from me is my personal opinion, which is not a substitute for professional help. If you're in a lot of suffering, please reach out to your local emergency services. Here's a great list of additional resources if you're in need of a different kind of help.


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"Not your average pep talk... Her approach of giving tools and having listeners ask themselves questions truly unveils what you may have been missing…or ignoring in your own life."



“Helpful in just the right way. This is self-help in the most empowering sense. Not some new-age nonsense, just practical and implementable advice. Like listening to a friend, not being lectured by a therapist. Highly recommended for anyone who needs a little emotional TLC."





"Amazing advice that’s relatable in all kinds of situations in your adult life. It’s told in a way that makes you wanna just go out and be the best person you can be... It’s kinda like the feeling you get when listening to “Eye of the Tiger” on repeat..."




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