The Break-Up Album

The Break-Up Album


A Break-Up Coach in a Podcast Album

This is a podcast album full of tools that you can apply despite your weaknesses, journal exercises to help you orient your path moving forward, and personal anecdotes peppered throughout so you know this is coming from personal insight that works.  And because it’s me, Sarah-May, there are a ton of pep-talks grounded in logic, because understanding why is the key to any change. Think of this like a convo with your wisest bestie: someone who’s been there, has your back and won’t take excuses (cuz she’s used them already and they didn't work).



Anyone - gay or straight, girl or guy or neither, young or old - going through a break-up and their life hurts. These tools are universal, whether or not you’re the one who was broken up with, or did the breaking, you were cheated on, or did the cheating —  as long as you’re cool with profanity, this will apply to your healing.

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